Our science

Our SelfAmps  are molecular machines
which produce therapies able to purposefully
modify or cure diseases.

LoopLab’s mission is to establish a new therapeutic class by combining cutting-edge synthetic technologies with custom-designed delivery systems, resulting in a groundbreaking platform we call „self-amplifying biologics“ or – simply – SelfAmps. These SelfAmps turn particular cells inside the body into therapeutics factories, producing selected proteins, while fine-tuning the immune system to suit the specific treatment needs of an underlying disease.

SelfAmps – A new therapeutic modality

Our goal is to develop new therapeutics which:

  • effectively address the underlying biological imbalance causing disease
  • target and reach disease- relevant tissues
  • modify the immune system response in an indication specific way
  • turn human cells into nanofactories expressing selected proteins to enable treatment at the predefined site

Disease Focus Areas

Reimagining the treatment of immunological diseases
Disorders caused by a misregulation or defect in the immune system are the root cause of many diseases. In particular, autoimmune disorders remain a global health challenge, impacting up to 10% of people worldwide and encompassing approximately 100 different conditions, including well-known diseases like multiple sclerosis (MS), systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes, as well as various types of skin diseases. Resolution of inflammation is also an important treatment approach in many chronic conditions such as atherosclerosis which is the primary cause of heart disease and stroke.
  1. 1. Resolution of Inflammation

    In recent years chronic inflammation has been identified as the underlying cause for a variety of diseases, including atherosclerosis. Arterial plaque formation is fueled by lipid-driven inflammation that is characterized by imbalances between specialized pro-resolving and pro-inflammatory mediators. Our specific SelfAmps are engineered to resolve inflammation within plaques to offer a more precise and efficient intervention strategy.

  2. 2. Autoimmune Diseases

    Autoimmune diseases occur when the immune system mistakenly attacks healthy cells. Our foundational work will pave the way for future breakthroughs in the treatment of numerous chronic autoimmune diseases. Our research is driven by a platform technology, and we are specifically tailoring our SelfAmps towards each selected disease.